It’s time to catch up on some of the guru e-mail. Prepare for a colorful multitude of improvement reports today!

First up, William:

So close.

Last diopter, always the tricky one.  See the low myopia section of the blog.

And here’s Jaqueline having made more than the average progress of a year of improving eyesight, with 1.25 plastic focal plane diopters eliminated already:

Solid progress.

Yes, today was (yet again) meant to finally write a quick post about the mystically revelatory eye yoga video.  I keep meaning to cover a whole list of subjects but then the improvement reports keep piling up – and I want to get you these first since they are the whole point of this entire endeavor.

So here’s Waco who found a supportive optometrist:

Lucky duck.

Incidentally I found this to be the case as well.

The further you get away from the high pressure, high profit, corporate style of “medicine”, the more you encounter sanity, logic, and open minded operators.  Russia, eastern Europe, and apparently south America as well are going to give you notably better odds of getting an optometrist who doesn’t have his or her head in the sand about myopia.  It’ll be so much easier for Waco to make great 20/20 gains!

Next, Dylan is seeing some starting gains:

Glasses shouldn’t give you headaches.

So much common sense in this one.

I like this report especially for highlighting the benefits of keeping a log (that visual will come and save you every so often, seeing your 20/20 gains in a chart), and for the obvious benefits of not putting your poor eyeball in a vice of ever increasing diopters.

Let’s stop here.

I have lots more but some of the improvement reports really need individual posts to discuss some of the circumstances and lessons to be learned.  

Keep sending me these updates, and keep making all the 20/20 gains!