Video, kittehs.  Moar video!

I’ve been asking our fellow myopia dissidents to try out video for talking about their 20/20 gains.  Not easy getting those, understandably.  Unless you’re a teenager hoping to hit the Youtube gold, or an extrovert narcissist, sitting in a room by yourself while talking at a lens isn’t the most natural thing.

 Just look at the first 50 of your favorite Jakey’s videos, pretty obviously not quite comfortable with that whole process.

And yet.  Dahhhlings.

People love video.  Even the old guru’s entirely unqualified productions have been viewed over a million (!) minutes now, and I get more feedback in e-mail on videos than anything else.

There’s nothing quite like somebody seeing your face, you talking about your experiences.  No amount of writing, no hundreds of improvement reports, no peer reviewed clinical science, nothing else is as powerful as even an impromptu smartphone video of just, you.

No pressure, though.

Video On Vision Improvement Journey

And here’s Sean:

Your beard growing, that’s a normal side effect of the guru teachings.

Isn’t that kind of cool, more interesting than just reading text on a screen?

Literally all you need is a window, your smartphone, you can record straight to Youtube from the Youtube app.  And from my personal experience nobody cares one bit about production quality, editing, or how video-genic your bone structure may or may not be.

Go for it, try it out!