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Touching down in London always fills me with a sense of excitement, however often I travel back here. Those of you that know London will get what I mean. Flying over the city centre as you come in to land is like nothing else..the London Eye, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the River Thames and its bridges, all sprawled below, illuminated, welcoming visitors, new and old. It’s breathtaking.

I will be spending the coming week getting the kids settled at university, putting together Swedish flat-packed furniture and stocking up refrigerators.

I am prepared for the rain and the dull days, and I know that my vision with my latest normalized will be less good than it is back home in the bright Mediterranean light. I was thinking I was almost ready for my next normalized, with things so much clearer lately, but in lower light levels and hours spent indoors with those nuts and bolts, now might not be the best time.

However, I am hoping it will also be a great active focus opportunity, staring out of train windows at the lush green countryside, and hopefully I will be ready for a change soon.

And, being one of those people who finds measuring centimeters a challenge, I will definately be trying out Laura’s marvellous DIY centimeter measuring tool..a brilliant invention! 


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Despina: Update
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