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I sent out a few e-mails yesterday to some of you, about our new Facebook discussion group.

My estimate was that we’ll start out with maybe 30 or so participants, see where we go from there.  It makes sense to me that it may be helpful to be able to chat with other myopes, share success stories, make fun of terrible optometrists (no, of course not!), and just generally have a place to connect.

30.  Or so.  

Clearly I did something wrong though, since 24 hours later we’ve had well over 300 requests to be part of the group, and more keep coming in.  Oops.  

But then my concern that it’ll be unmanageable if all sort of random people come in, hasn’t happened so far.  It’s been nice to see some familiar names actually, and various conversations have been fun to follow (the one about test lens kits, interesting to see actual purchase comments and prices).

Let’s see how it goes.  Just like YouTube and Quora and all the other adventures, I’m a big fan of trying out things and see how they end up contributing to your experience.  Keep what works, ditch what doesn’t.  

Stop by if you haven’t yet, say hello, share your stories.


Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!


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Endmyopia Facebook Group
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