Numbers. Numbers don’t really reflect what matters to most of us here, but let’s have a quick review of 2018 numbers, anyway.

Google / Search

2018 wasn’t a great year for us on Google. Mostly because your darling eye guru tried to do the right thing and update the site to SSL and mobile friendliness. In the process of doing so we lost about 30% of our regular traffic, because yea. An old tottery eye sage isn’t good at Internet things.

But we recovered.

It’s still a relatively mind boggling amount of regular traffic:

There’s of course a ton more statistics available, but let’s just keep it at the high level here. A fair amount of people discover and read endmyopia.


Your beardly sage isn’t a fan of Facebook. Or most of social media and all the pointless preening and self promotion.

But since we’re not going all cabin-in-the-woods hermit here, and people are on Facebook, we too are on Facebook.

Our 2018 Facebook group stats:

Yea I messed up that screenshot, picking one day up there.

Overall though, decent enough. More than 8,000 of our members are ‘active’ and there was a fair amount of reacting, posting,. and commenting going on. I’d rather have all the darling kittehs outside experiencing the actual real planet, but hey … maybe our FB group is a gateway to that option.


Unlike Facebook, I actually like YouTube.

It’s also been mostly neglected, with my managing to post one or two videos a month on average. Rambling videos requiring a fair bit of patience to extract insights from, but still … the numbers show the promise in that medium:

Millions of watch minutes, many hundreds of thousands of views. For a channel without entertainment or promotion or even much content, that’s a ton of exposure.

All in all endmyopia is showing a fair bit of promise. Darlings are interested, curious, finding the resource. What we need is more of everything, especially in terms of quality and expertise. As it stands now your eye guru is the tech guy, the video guy, the marketing guy, the writer, support, responsible for the actual myopia insights, collector of all your e-mail questions and feedback, the admin, finance and business management … everything basically. Of course it shows, with all aspects being a bit rough around the edges.

Hopefully we’ll get more community participation and maybe some talent to help manage specific aspects of endmyopia.

On to a great 2019!