What Can We Call The Child Myopia Book?

A little inside joke, the title. I really do want to make it the cover of the upcoming tell-all I’m writing for you, on child myopia.   “Jake, you are too strange for mass consumption.  You […]

Jake Steiner

May 10,2015 · 6 min read

A little inside joke, the title.

I really do want to make it the cover of the upcoming tell-all I’m writing for you, on child myopia.  

“Jake, you are too strange for mass consumption.  You are going to have to tone it down for the general public.”  

What do you think?

Meanwhile the book is still in progress, I’m always looking for scraps of time to write.  

Take a look at the introduction, perhaps motivate you to share your thoughts and ideas about appropriate titles.

Introduction excerpt:

I’m sorry to say, but your child will need glasses.”

These words, or something like them is what more and more parents have to hear nowadays.

The optometrist visit, usually after a teacher reports the child squinting, almost always has the same outcome.  Glasses are prescribed.  

This can be devastating to the parents.  Especially when myopia starts at an early age, the future is bleak.  Studies show that child myopia progresses at an average rate of 0.75 diopter increase per year.   This is a huge amount of myopia, which quickly leads to massively increased risks of other side effects.  Myopic children are significantly more likely to suffer from dangerous eye conditions in their adult lives.  Glaucoma risks are gravely higher.  Retinal detachment risk grows by 4 times for even mild myopia, and ten times for myopia over five diopters.  As such, myopia isn’t just about glasses.  Myopia is the first problem leading to a lifetime of possibly grave eyesight problems.

There are other factors to consider as well.  Myopic children tend to be less social, more withdrawn, more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, score lower in standardized testing, and suffer from obesity and reduced fine motor control.  We can’t sugarcoat the gravity of the situation.  Glasses are just the tip of the vision problem iceberg.  Once you accept the optometrists lens prescription advice, your child’s fate is just about sealed.

Right now it is quite likely that you are entirely in the dark about a whole lot of the realities behind myopia as an eyesight illness.  There is a whole lot that your optometrist might not be telling you, things that you should absolutely know.  Once you understand the full scope of what is going on, the profit motives, the way the optometrist test is “rigged” and designed to fail your child’s eyesight on purpose, well … you might be rather upset at what is actually going on.

I wrote this book because I sincerely believe that nothing less than a crime is being perpetrated against our children, all for the sake of profit.  There may be very few who might be considered malicious perpetrators but nonetheless, everyone profits from telling you that your child’s eyes are broken.

And they are wrong.  They are terribly and completely wrong.

But once you accept their diagnosis and “treatment plan”, their assessment becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  Your child’s eyes will indeed get worse.  Only that this isn’t because of genetic problem (we will talk about that soon).  It is in fact the very treatment program that causes most of the future problems of your child’s eyes.  I would dare any optometrist to dispute this, weighted against the massive amount of clinical evidence that points to their treatment as the root of the massive myopia epidemic currently sweeping the world.

In this book we will explore all aspects of myopia.  The science.  The entirely separate profession of the clinical observer, and the publications discussing myopia.  Their findings never make it into your hands.  Clinical medicine knows full well where myopia comes from and what causes its progression into high myopia.  But clinical medicine isn’t what pays for the glossy magazine ads, or the rent of the mall optometry shop.  What pays the rent, and the ads, and the salaries of the university professors and lens factory workers and your optometrists, that’s first and foremost the prescription lenses that you buy.  The prescription lenses that you continue to have to buy, in higher and higher increments, once you accept the first diagnosis.

Insidiously, the very lenses that apparently “fix” your child’s eyes at first, are also the trojan horse that ultimately tie your child’s eyesight inexorably to the lens manufacturing industry, and your optometrist by extension.  

I believe that you should know all of these things.  We could skip them (and indeed you can, by going directly to the prevention and actual myopia treatment sections of the book).  But only by knowing what happens and why, will you likely will fully appreciate the gravity of the situation.  You will likely want to know why it is so simple to prevent your child’s myopia, once we discuss the prevention options.  You will probably want answers as to why you can even reverse existing myopia of your child.  And ultimately I want you to know why there is no point in attacking the establishment.  In the end, we want to use goodwill and positive psychology to change the minds and hearts of practitioners, many of whom don’t realize their place in the big 100 billion dollar profit machine.  

Strap in and get ready for the ride into the underbelly of one of the most profitable health hijacking prescription schemes the world has ever seen.  Get ready to be shocked, appalled, fascinated, hopeful and ultimately emboldened to affect change, and save your child’s healthy eyesight.  Learn about the millionaire ophthalmologists who’ll tell you that you know nothing (and never will), the massive investments lens manufacturers make to sell more prescriptions, and the tiny cottage industry of specialized optometrists who dare to oppose the big machine.  Learn who to trust, and what to be weary of.  Let’s dive in! …..

As you might expect, it’s filled with interesting tidbits that parents might like to get their hands on.  

So, can we give it a name that’s a bit of a nerd joke?  ;-)

Your thoughts, much appreciated, here.  I’ll be sure to say thanks by getting you a special copy of the book once it is published, for your kind feedback and encouragement.


– Jake


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