This post is if you, if you’re looking to make your own diopter measuring tool.

Of course first there is the whole topic of centimeters and diopters covered in various posts in the lens and diopter blog category.  And also of course with endmyopia being by far the largest and most comprehensive science based vision improvement resource online, readers and students have created various similar forms of diopter measuring tools.

Adding to the list is this DIY solution, posted by Charleen:

Simple and effective.

Of course the mainstream would rather not have you measure your eyesight.

It’s a grand idea, monopolizing vision knowledge, keeping you in the proverbial dark, making it seem like diopters are a hugely complex topic you could never possibly understand – or measure yourself at home.  

But you’re not the dummy some of the mainstream may want you to believe to be.  The Internet is putting a dent in the whole idea of us being excluded from vision knowledge, and trading our eyesight for corporate profit.  Here are all the tools, simple and free, to let you come to your own conclusions.  All the science is now easily accessible as well, you’re free to research and question old-timey lens dogma.

Keep adding your own contributions to our collective end-myopia voice, and share your experiences!