I’d be remiss not to share with you all of the various less than stellar opinions about the bearded sage, out there in Internet land.

Because just the glowing positive, that’s suspicious.  I’d be suspicious.  Where’s the dirt?  Where did Jakey bury the hookers?  What his connection to JFK and why don’t we ever hear more about all those late night excursions the man makes whenst visiting Bangkok?

There were no ladyboys involved.  You stop it, with the salacious rumors.

But whatever.  Here’s the insightful one star review that blows the lid of the whole endmyopia ruse:

Ignore the snarky come-back.

So there you have it.  Mind games, all of it.

Aren’t you going to refute the nonsense, Jake?  


Sure, clinical science talks about weird things like “bidirectional optical axial length changes observed“, but come on.  Who are they anyway those ‘scientists’ and their ‘studies’.  A bunch of nerds is all.  Fact is, as Thomas very clearly explained, “there is a problem in myopic people”.

You’re genetic failures, the whole lot of you.  

Guru out.

(and yea also cheers, as always)