They are out there, kittehs.  Optometrists who know the secret handshake.  The winkey-wink.  The cough-cough-lower-diopters requests.

As of this writing, nobody who sells lenses for a living is going to tell you that you shouldn’t start wearing glasses.  Or that you shouldn’t wear full minus for close-up.  We’re not living in some kind of post-for-profit endmyopia wisdoms future.

But we are living in the present.  This site gets millions of regular visits.  Even our tiny Youtube channel has over four million watch minutes already.  If you search around for myopia related stuff on the Internet, you WILL stumble across endmyopia, and the infinite wisdoms of a sage recluse.  

It’s inevitable.

Inevitable is also that people on a whole are fairly smart.  Yes I rag on the mainstream optometry profession.  It’s fun, it’s easy, and you know how much I like annoying people.

But truth is, with as much as we’ve gained in popularity, there have been more than a few in the optometry profession who heard about endmyopia, and decided not to just ignore it.  Skeptical but nontheless fired up a Web browser, went to Google Scholar, and typed in “lens induced myopia“.  

Only takes one moment to sow the seeds of doubt on old timey myopia dogma:

Yea.  Forty-eight THOUSAND results.

If you have half a brain, that’ll give you pause.

And then some of those optometrists go, well … that does make some sense.  All of my “patients” do come back time and time again, and need higher diopter glasses.  Nobody has EVER come back and said, woohoo, my myopia has gotten lower, from my “treatment”.

From there, the breadcrumbs are easy to follow.  Basic vision biology, eye responds to stimulus, human eye axial change, if a semi conscious halfwit like your favorite uncle Jake can put it together, then a smart optometrist can too.

And they do.


Truth be told, an endmyopia friendly optometrist may sell way, waaay more lenses than an old-timey dogma adherent type.  

In fact it may be the only way for retail lens sellers to survive the coming apocalypse of online lens selling.

I did pontificate about all this in a few videos.

We are seeping into the Zeitgeist.  Cultural consciousness.  Myopia dogma.  A time will come, when Jakey is dead (that’s a definite prerequisite, not being able to act ridiculously), that they will say that he was an actual wise and holy eye guru, a sage way before the time of sages.  

I’m talking about this kind of sage.

See?  That’s why I have to be dead first.

All the neverending botanical jokes aside, they are out there.  Optometrists who know about endmyopia and agree with much of what we discuss.  I know a few dozen of them personally, I’ve gotten more than a few e-mails from readers who found their own, and comments like the one above from our Facebook group come up more as time goes on.

Update:  Literally the next day after posting this for you, another positive optometrist experience (this one from the BackTo20/20 support forum):

They exist.

These reports happen fairly regularly.

And figure that most of the time the person having the experience isn’t going to e-mail or share on Facebook.  So definitely you may have luck, finding a business worth supporting with your money, rather than condescending attitudes and old timey lens dogma.

Om-shanti, Kittehs.  Go forth and make all teh 20/20 gainz.


-Jake VonderHoliness