What causes myopia?  Is it genetic?  Is it permanent?  Is it reversible?  Listen to this episode to find out.

Really excited about this podcast chat we had with Ivor Cummins of “the Fat Emperor”.

Ivor is the Chief Program Officer for Irish Heart Disease Awareness, runs a fascinating podcast show …. and may actually save your life, too.  

Not like those clickbait titles of how the Apple Watch “saved his life”, either.

For notable example, I had no idea that you could have a heart scan to detect calcification, and with it heart disease risk.  No more torturing yourself eating boring vegetables because, maybe heart disease.  Actual test, and even actual actionable options for improving results (if they’re bad today).

That’s awesome.

Also awesome is how Ivor is dealing with an industry of doctors and dogma and established beliefs that go counter actual science and your health.  Lots of common threads between heart disease and myopia, and how the mainstream establishment likes to ignore facts and science and ways to actually help you.

Needless to say, we had a great chat.

Check it out over here on episode #32: