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Jake Steiner

Feb 08,2021 · 2 min read


Yes.  That is back.  Also I’m here today to dutifully inform you that your favorite sparkly bearded sage has been wantonly neglecting the posting of any updates about our socializing efforts.

We get interviewed on lots of podcasts.  And I don’t bring it up here at all.

Here’s a recent one that actually turned out pretty decent:

Minus that face, obviously.

We did make a bit of playlist of some of the episodes that are also on Youtube.  And there is the slightly more complete version of that list on our Website.  Because quite a few of them aren’t on Youtube.

These are actually pretty important, no matter how much we pretend to joke around about everything.  There’s a whole team of minions here at the tall towers of endmyopia, doing things like outreach and schmoozing and name dropping and up-following and maintaining good relationships with various health related destinations and creators.

Everything about endmyopia sits on a very long timeline.  Your favorite uncle Jake isn’t trying to make some quick Internet marketing money, like the many lets-ignore-causality-bro, Bates eye exercise proponents.  Or vaguely entertaining clowns who’d love to have you believe that myopia is “all in your head” (pay them, and they’ll tell you all about the insides of your head, too).  

Ignorance really must be bliss … just imagine all those pretty, pretty unicorns.  

Jakey, you’re thinking.  Back off the gas.

And you’re right.  This post, not meant to be taking rantey shots at the peanut gallery.

Long timeline.  Building awareness.  Also working on some serious apps to replace a lot of this browser stuff.  More on that, soon.  And of course more episodes on our own podcast.  And focus on the community.  And some improvements to our FB group.  And yay, our Wiki.

If you want to help, share us to podcast hosts.  And other health communities.  Get people thinking about those eyeballs.

And also, go make some 20/20 gains!





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