If you’ve been having an interesting experience making friends with your eyes, you might enjoy this new video.

A few things of note:

I’m not naturally the mindful-hippie-yoga-meditation type.

If you’re not either, rest assured that everything I bring up here, is first sent through a finely tuned hippie-BS filter.  There’s not fluff talk.

Also somewhat ironic, the things I talk to you about in the video aren’t things that finance-Jake would have even listened to.

Over time the travels, different perspectives and experiences mellowed me out to new ideas.

All this is entirely optional.  If the eyesight improvement has opened a whole new realm for you, and you want more, then this might be for you.  And assuming that you’re unfamiliar with the practices I talk about, I added some tools to make trying it out really quick and easy.

Take a look:

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And here are the apps I mention in the video.


1. Headspace

Just the ten free days will get you all you really need.


Super simple, 10 minutes at a time, if you never really got meditation before this is the way to go.

Headspace Android App and iOS App.


2.  Daily Yoga

If you’re not into Yoga or looking to build a serious Yoga routine, this app will accomplish just the part you want for expanding your eyesight improvement experience.


What makes it incredibly appealing is that you can pick super simple 10 minute sessions.  And that’s all you really need!

You want to go to programs, rather than sessions.  Those build simple 2 week programs, 10 minutes a day.  For both habit building and mindfulness, this is perfect!

Daily Yoga Android App and iOS App.

That’s it.  

Try it out, and I’d enjoy your feedback, too.  Which …



– Jake