There’s a huge thread titled “The Double Dilemma” in the forum.  It’s full of interesting insights and I’ve been meaning to post excerpts of it here in the blog.  But then things keep coming up, like my interview, and Fleur’s progress, and Roberto’s progress.

Today is no different.  Blake posts a good one in the forum:


Now, I’m not saying that you need to get a dog to improve your eyesight.

The point of that particular session, to look at the big picture and find ways to organically increase your outdoor time.  The more we go for natural lifestyle adjustments vs “exercise” and “must do’s”, the better our long term results.  It’s all about habits, applying knowledge into something that you can just put on autopilot.  Beyond the mechanics of stimulus and strain reduction, this is the key to all the success stories you keep reading.

This is something I’ve learned early on, and the basis of all my successes (and failures).  If you learn something that you want to use to improve some part of your life, you have to build a habit around it.  Nothing happens overnight and the only things that’ll grow, are the ones that become part of your daily routines.

So maybe getting a dog is a way to get you outside, for sure and consistently.  Blake is definitely going to benefit.

In other news, things are moving along in the new social media efforts.

I’ve been sending small batches of e-mails to students (both offline and online), and readers.  And the social media minion is doing her magic as well.  In the span of a week we’ve managed to grow the Twitters from a whole 20 followers, to almost, aaalmost 500.  Yay!


Baby steps in the right direction.

It won’t truly be notable till we’re are well into the thousands, particularly health and fitness related Twitter peoples, and getting some good conversations going.  From there maybe a little bit of more mainstream media exposure, getting the word out.  #endmyopia!

As with here in the blog, I won’t be censoring the Jakeness excessively there either.  If you are into the social media bits, head on over and click the follow link!  ;-)

A demain,