Many readers of this darling bloglet have been asking plaintively for an alternative to our darling Facebook group for literally years, and for literally years a darling Jake has ignored your pleas.  

Deaf ears, darlings.  

Never-ending influx of new members.

But really though I’m with you.  Not a fan of social media, an old guru is.  

Them siphoning all your private data and manipulating what you see and read and consume.  Getting you addicted to their feed.  Meh, to all of that.

Behold, The Real Le Meow Community Forum

Yes it’s been in pre-release for a little while.

Already lively and zero plzzz-bros topics.

We have been running on the forum for a few weeks already, with many of the original members from the Facebook group.

Ideas To Get Outside, How-To Guides, & More

A forum is a great way to really get into the conversation.  Something that just doesn’t feel right on public Facebook.

And getting to the point, this community contains (among many, many other salacious stories) the tale of Jake crashing his paraglider, almost drowning, and honestly not doing a whole ton of LSD after that.  

That and constructive guides:

Not feeling like putting all that into freeloader-plzzz-bro-Facebook.

The paraglider near-death tale, along with other threads with member adventure pictures and accounts of awesome mountain climbing expeditions and other ideas for outdoor times, as well as non-public live streams with Jake, and various how-to guides and many more interesting threads … all over in Le Meow.

Also find gems like the live stream we did a while ago (which I removed from general public viewing).

All the non-public stuff is in Le Meow.

The blog is great, the Facebook group is great.  My ambition to spend a million hours helping unknown, faceless freeloaders on the Internet though, ultimately somewhat limited.

Join Le Meow – where you get to contribute to the proceedings – and get more endmyopia insights.

How To Get An Invite (Yes, It Is Free)

Getting into the forum is almost pretty easy:

a) stop by the Facebook group regularly to catch an invite day – or

b) send me a quick e-mail right now (or just hit reply on the notification message I sent you) to find out how to join* (it’s free – I just have one small favor to ask – so don’t fret, my darling freeloaders).

*give me a couple of days to respond – I rarely send e-mails so when I do, it takes a while to get through all the replies