Ok, darlings.

Finally, only took about three years, I made you a bit of a summary video of all the endmyopia pieces involved in improving your eyesight.  As usually it includes more talking than a well scripted version would likely produce, but that’s just how we roll around here.

The video is now also added to the 7 day e-mail series and the ‘start here’ link – so that hopefully more newbies will be able to get a useful introduction before diving into the murky depths of all the guru waters.

Thanks to everyone who never stops annoying me with specific and actionable requests to improve the resources here.  Of course I’m always and forever pulled into too many directions and it does tend to take me a while to get things done.  Gentle persistence often helps to prioritize the endless to-do list, and ultimately my goal is to give you the best possible experience here.

So … here:

Even if “best possible experience” includes mah face.

Of course there’s not really a quick fix answer to something as complex as human eyesight, and how to affect it.

The intent of the video is to refine the initial experience with endmyopia a bit, summarize the bits and pieces, make it easier to make sense of everything else we talk about on the site with some context.  If you enjoy the video as always, thumbs up the bits, subscribe for future updates, and share with those less fortunate.