The guru time clock is ticking fast, my darling kittehs.

Jakey must make it to the embassy today,  and the cranky Chinese Hong Kong wizard watch maker, and the bank, and deal with stuffy suits on two conference calls, and then also look for particularly dumb ideas in a three mile long spreadsheet.  That’s before the afternoon list of to do things.

And the endmyopia-work-time clock says 11 minutes remaining.

So that’s 11 minutes to post at least one improvement report here for you.  And an inspired Photoshop headline image, with appropriate gravitas and credibility inspiration.  If you were to look at the guru’s desktop, you’d shake your head at the number of folders of pending improvement reports yet to be posted.  

It’s mayhem, darlings.   

9 minutes.  Here’s Kavish then, and his rather excellent progress report:

So there.

The last diopter is the hardest one.

So much so that there is a whole separate category just for low myopia specific topics here in the blog.  Because you’re welcome, everything you need for your eyeballs is available entirely for free.  Optionally you might find it in your heart to exchange the value you may find here by giving endmyopia some thumbs up on our Facebook page, or otherwise write poetically glowing reviews on the Interwebs.

Time’s up.  Keep making all the 20/20 gains!