Warning:  This post turned into a tiny bit of a rant.  Yikes!  ;)

Yes, “kicked diopters”.  Because, let’s look at diopters realistically.  They’re not much else than a (manufactured focal plane) drug addiction.  

You were fine without the diopters.  Then at some point you had a focusing muscle spasm (blurry vision) and the establishment said, wow great, come in here, we can fix that for you right now.  With this product.  With this subscription-based, come back next year, you’ll want more of this, product.  No, not addressing the cause, but just hiding the symptom with what boils down to a focal plane drug.  That you’ll never, ever get away from, for the rest of your life.  

Glasses, because you’re a genetic failure.  

Do I get carried away?

I do.  Calm down, Jake.  It’s just a template that’s used in most of modern medicine.  Let’s medicate with drugs till things get totally out of hand, and then let’s sell some surgery.  I for one didn’t even realize any of this (my whole family is M.D.’s, ironically) till well after I reversed my myopia.  I didn’t know about diabetes and heart disease and how much all of the most common modern “diseases” we face today are exactly the same business model as myopia.

Yes, so maybe this is the moment where Jake goes off the deep end, goes full alt. health hippie.  Just yesterday I spent about three hours reading studies on the effects of GMO crops on cell replication.  Ugly, scary, holy crap we’re all being poisoned moments of realization.  In clinical studies all of this, on Google Scholar, in peer reviewed medical publications.  Just like myopia control, science knows.  And business laughs and punches the little science nerd in the face.

Of course you’re not allowed to talk about it.  You’re not allowed to take charge of your own health.  It’s all prescriptions and doctors and symptom treatment.  Status quo.  You want lower diopters for close-up to avoid hyperopic defocus and progressive myopia?  Well, you can’t.  The establishment says you have to use a big minus prescription, even if lots of articles in medical journals say it’s totally the wrong approach.  

Disgusting.  Or maybe just hilarious.

I’ll shut up.

Here is an actual productive YouTube comment.  Legit 20/20 gains, reducing diopter dependency, showing you that diopter-addiction doesn’t have to be forever:

A billion subscribers.  That’s right.

Why doesn’t Jakey have a billion subscribers?

Maybe we’ll just keep this post on the anti-establishment rant side of things, just to be consistent.  What do you think the media would do with actual factual information about this globally hugely profitable epidemic?  Do you think it’d be something more productive than the Wall Street Journal trying to destroy harmless YouTubers with ludicrous adolescent girl levels of vindictive nonsense clickbait stories?  

Maybe it’s a Jake living so far away from the countries where that goes on, or maybe no longer being myopic makes one look at the big picture (and probably loose your mind if you do too much of it).

I was never into anything medicine related.  I don’t want to be.  There’s too much murk, too much unicorn farming.  But getting older and trying to stay healthy, you can’t help but eventually research things like (awfully stupid) statins because your doctor says you need them.  And you start realizing diet is the real issue and thinking, what the fu** is with these doctors?  Pharma sure, they’re there to make money.  But we trust doctors.  What’s with blind medicine sales, dudes?  

And I was never into YouTube.  Or could care less about journalism.  But making the occasional video now, I can’t help but watch others and see some of the ironies there.  I’m going from not caring about mainstream media, to being disgusted with them as well.  How hard up is the WSJ that they have to make up fake outrage drama, claiming that a rather harmless YouTube guy is a Nazi sympathizer?  

You think, Jake.  Geez.  You’re going all tinfoil hat on us.  Stop.  Deep breath.  Relax.  We don’t need another unicorn farmer.

I’ll try.  I’ll try not to go all seriously eye guru and anti-establishment.  It’s pointless really.  Much more productive to go kitesurf or paraglide or buy a sailboat, make some videos, talk about all the 20/20 gains.  Keep it light, stay out of things that don’t concern us.  Let them all jump all over each other while we enjoy life.

Whew.  That was close.