Mina made my day today, with an awesome, brilliant e-mail.  

Mina who was suffering from increasing eye strain and vertigo attacks, and now … well, read this one for yourself:

Hi Jake! Yes I have been enjoying the blog and have been doing very well with it. 
When I first started reading the Endmyopia blog in September of 2016, I had been suffering from increasing eyestrain and frequent vertigo attacks that I finally attributed to my glasses and contacts (for many months, I had thought it was an inner ear problem, maybe labyrinthitis). When I took my cm measurements, I saw that I was about 1 diopter over-prescribed.  I took steps to release my ciliary muscle spasm and then returned to my optometrist. By changing how I did my refractive exam, I was able to get a new prescription that was a whole diopter weaker than my 1-month-old prescription. I got my glasses re-made, and the eyestrain and vertigo stopped!. Since then, with use of differentials for computers and normalized glasses for active focus, I have been able to further reduce my myopia by 0.5 diopters.
My glasses Rx in September 2016 (when I started Endmyopia):  -6.25sph -0.25cyl/-6.75sph -0.50cyl (R/L) 
My current glasses (20/20 night-time vision) in January 2017:     -4.75/-5.25 (R/L), spherical only, no cyl.
That is a reduction of 1.5 spherical diopters and elimination of 0.5 cylindrical diopters in just 4 months.
My contact lenses Rx had a similar change – I went from -6.0/-6.5 spherical contacts in September 2016 to -4.25/-4.75 (with 20/20 vision) 4 months later. That is a reduction of 1.75 spherical diopters.  
I am able to go as low as wearing -3.75/-4.25 contacts (2.25 diopter reduction) and have just a little bit of blur at distances. WHAAAT that is amazing. I haven’t had a “prescription” in the -3’s since middle school (I am now in my 30s). I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old, my first Rx was about -2 at that time. It started when I started reading books a lot, it was probably near-induced transient myopia that quickly progressed to axial elongation since I always had my nose in a book, while wearing my glasses, as a child.
Here is my progress story timeline:
Summer 2016 (before Endmyopia) – increasing eyestrain and vertigo. This specifically started after a trip in the spring where I did a lot of far-distance vista-viewing while hiking up mountains (I think this is what triggered my initial accidental improvement in myopia and astigmatism).
August 2016 (before Endmyopia) – I suspected that my eyeglasses (-6.0 sph -1.0 cyl / -6.5 sph -1.25 cyl (right/left) at the time) were too strong and were the cause of the vertigo attacks.
September 2016  (before Endmyopia) –  I went to my optometrist for an updated Rx and was told that some of my cylinder had changed to sphere, but the prescription they gave me was still the same strength as before (they reduced the cyl but increased the sph). She gave me an Rx of -6.25 sph -0.25 cyl / -6.75 sph -0.50 cyl.  I got my new glasses but still had some eye strain and vertigo (though it was better than before). I believed my glasses were still too strong but when I told that to my optometrist, she said no, that my new Rx was fine. She also refused to believe that my vertigo attacks could be due to my vision.
September 2016 – Frustrated with my optometrist, I did research online, discovered Endmyopia, read the 7-day emails, read through the blog. I measured my cm which indicated that my myopia was actually about -5.25/-5.75. I worked to reduce ciliary muscle strain by wearing +2.0 dollar-store reading glasses over my contact lenses when I was using the computer.
October 2016 – I returned to my optometrist and demanded a new refraction. I was able to get a -5.25/-5.75 prescription. My optometrist agreed to remove the remaining cylinder at my request. I think she was tired of me, and somewhat embarrassed that I was right about being over-minused at my prior exam. I got new glasses.
October 2016 – I noticed that I was no longer experiencing ANY vertigo attacks or eyestrain. ALL GONE. I was so happy. I ordered and received a plethora of normalized and differential glasses from Zenni. I ordered an use a Snellen chart. I wear my normalized and differentials as instructed by Endmyopia. I practice active focus.
January 2017 – My first normalized glasses (-4.75/-5.25) are now my distance glasses, I get 20/20 night-time driving vision in them. Success! I had luckily thought ahead when I had ordered from Zenni, and I have 2nd and 3rd normalized pairs ready for use, as well as a step-down pair of differentials for when my current differentials get too strong. 
I didn’t actually intend to get rid of my myopia when I discovered Endmyopia. I don’t mind wearing glasses and contacts. I just wanted to put an end to my eyestrain and vertigo, and I was disillusioned with my optometrist who seemed to dismiss my (correct) idea that I was over-minused and that it was causing physical symptoms. 
However, Endmyopia is so cool that I am working towards reducing my myopia anyway! Why not? Multiple family members of mine have had retinal detachments; reducing my myopia might also reduce my risk of retinal detachment. I can’t believe I have already moved out of “high-myopia” into the “intermediate-myopia” level! That is so awesome!
Side benefit – my motion sickness has also gotten better ever since I have been following Endmyopia.
For “fun” I recently put on my old glasses that I had been wearing for years until this past September. I can’t tolerate them for even a second! Warped vision in them, and it makes my eyes strain intensely and immediately. I am so glad I have gotten rid of my cylinder and my overminus!
Jake, thank you so much for the information that you put on the Endmyopia blog (for free!). It’s invaluable. My life is so much better now that I don’t have unexpected attacks of vertigo and I have gotten rid of eyestrain. I am excited for future vision gains, too. I am planning another trip where I will do a lot of mountain hiking and distance-viewing; I view it as a great opportunity to improve my vision further.

What more needs to be said here?  Great work, Mina! 

Let the endmyopia knowledge set your eyeballs free.  Make the 20/20 gains.  And shoot your darling eye guru an e-mail, share your experiences.  ;)