Nicole: Ophthalmologist Confirms -3.5 D Myopia Reduction

Dear all the holy gods, old and new, please let us find the serenity not to launch into an epic rant in this post.  Shanti-amen.   Here we go. Nicole improves her eyesight.  Reduces her […]

Jake Steiner

Jan 06,2018 · 4 min read

Dear all the holy gods, old and new, please let us find the serenity not to launch into an epic rant in this post.  Shanti-amen.  

Here we go.

Nicole improves her eyesight.  Reduces her myopia.  Has a supportive proper ophthalmologist (not just some runty chain store optician) to help her along the way.  Nicole makes all the 20/20 gains, reports her progress in the Facebook group.

Like so:

That’s right.  All is well.

That’s it.  Improvement report posted.  Hit save, Jake, close the window.

But ….

You know.  Must.  Bite.  Tongue.  There are the fellows like Por Yong Ming and his ilk (check out that link for some good LOLZ).  Parading around their ‘eye doctor’ titles like they mean something, while spouting completely non-scientific misinformation all over the place.

Jakey.  Stop.   Hit save, close window.

It’s to be expected of course that some people either either have a giant frail ego, propped up by some bullshit title, or somehow are just so literally close to retarded not to be able to read and interpret clinical research.  

But …

It’s not like you couldn’t go find many, many, many of the optometrists and ophthalmologists who confirm reduced myopia reported by the many darling kitteh disciples of endmyopia.  

It’s not like you couldn’t just go to Google Scholar and read any of the peer reviewed, extensive clinical studies which easily substantiate that myopia is just screen addiction + crappy symptom treatment.

You got studies.  You got biological explanation.  You got substantive real world reports.

So how does an ‘eye doctor’ come here to endmyopia (and they do, like some of the guys in that Quora thread), actually take the time to read some of what’s here, and then still go back to claim that myopia is the boogeyman, genetic failure, unexplained recent global epidemic phenomenon?  

You’d have to be actually retarded.  


I’m open to other explanations of course.  Greed, maybe.  Blind faith.  Not wanting to say “oh fuck, I was so absolutely shockingly wrong, I need to burn my shop to the ground including all my diplomas in it and find a new career.  In some new town where nobody knows my face”.  

You’re thinking, Jake.  Why does ignorance, arrogance, general dumb-ness annoy you so much anyway?

I couldn’t say.  Or could I?

Remember the 80’s when all of the media and corporate drones and politicians claimed that CFC’s weren’t causing our ozone layer to get destroyed?  Could have easily killed all of human life, wanting prioritize hair spray over scientific reality.  Sheer luck that a few smart people pushed hard enough to ban CFC’s.  Or how many times we got to the brink of total nuclear war because we genuinely are governed by some of the biggest morons humanity has ever produced?  Even today, look at the United States.  Their best choice of leaders were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  I won’t get political here but pretty sure most sane people might agree that both of those choices shouldn’t represent ‘the best’ and who should make key decisions of that giant nation.  Or North Korea.  Or really almost any government.

That’s why glorious-beard-guru gets so irritated.  It’s not myopia.  Myopia is just hilariously ironically the term we literally use to figuratively describe our dumb collective shortsightedness vis a vis our entire human survival.

Fuck it, Jake.  I gotta check my Facebook feed.  Is what it is.

It’s having to share a planet always on the brink of some giant man made catastrophe, with idiots.  With idiots in charge.  With idiots with titles.  Idiots who honest-to-god, really aren’t remotely smart enough to open their mouths, or tell anyone what’s wrong with their eyes.  Or acidifying oceans and how that’s not a problem at all and not our fault anyway.  Or why we need one more stupid f-ing iPhone, because Apple in their mighty wisdom decided to slow ours down via a software update because it’s a year old and you won’t notice (and not tell you either, because fuck you).

Myopia is just what an old eye guru knows, and it so well illustrates our collective failures to see the road ahead.  How we really are just a bunch of primates with just enough brains to make us fully dangerous to our own selves.

So anyway.  Maybe this does not entirely qualify as a non-rant post.  Good on you though, being one of the few smart enough to meant to survive.  Now let’s hope the rest of our species doesn’t fuck it up for us.




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