“But Jake, can’t I just wear plus lenses and spend every waking moment in front of my computer?”

You know, endmyopia is actually all a big ploy.

Yes, just like the haters say.  A trick!  You learn all these things about optics and vision biology and how to control strain and how to get positive stimulus.

And then, when you’re too deep into it to want to turn back, then you realize the dirty secret:  Ultimately to really get back to 20/20, you need to get your lazy butt outside more.  You’ll need to use distance vision, you’ll have to replace more of those hours of Netflix and Instagram and Facebook with actual an real life of your own.  

Thanks a lot Jake, you’re thinking.  Didn’t need you meddling with my vices.

But hey.  I won’t tell you that your favorite darling eye guru used to live in a tiny shack room next to a a beautifully pristine lake in the far wilderness of Nepal, with stunning views of the Himalayas.  Jake definitely didn’t go paragliding over that lake most days, and Jake would definitely have never done so while also microdosing LSD (before microdosing was a thing, damn yuppies).  Because that would mean having to take the words irresponsible and for-sure insane, and replace them with whole new words to describe the irredeemably awesome degree of combined vice-itude.

Also I’d be fair to assume that such a character shouldn’t be trusted as the chaperone of science-based vision improvement talk.  

Where is all this going?

An eye guru used to be banker.  Cubicles, computers, numbers, driving home in rush hour traffic in dreary rain, to sit at home and watch TV and go to bed.  And do it all over again, every day.  This imaginarily bearded guru isn’t some wild hippie type, free spirited, charismatic wonderboy that none of us could ever aspire to be.  If you’ve seen any of the videos you know Jake is just another totally regular nerd-face regular guy.

And yet it’s funny what may happen to you if you spend enough years pursuing the promise of your own great distance vision.  Gradually your priorities may change, gradually you may find your own better, more inspired outdoor vices, and ultimately realize that your myopia didn’t only cover your eyes.

An entire myopia based existence.  Middle management (and social media) approves.

Maybe.  Or maybe all this is just idle speculation.  If you’re having interesting experiences while re-discovering your own eyeballs, do share them via a quick e-mail or in our darling Facebook group.  Add some inspiration of your own!

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