Pro Topic: 1/2 Diopter Ratio Left – Kellee Almost Equalized

Pro topic.  Meaning, … you know what pro topic means.

Equalizing is a big part of reducing focal plane complexity of your glasses.  Lots of equalizing posts in the blog, including here, here, here, here, and also here.  Tons of actionable research material in the free guides here, all you need is a bit of patience in piecing things together.

And of course, equalizing is awesome, as Kellee attests to in the forum:


Very awesome, right?  (full thread here)

Imagine yourself at a -1.25.  That’s no glasses for close-up, and barely a need for glasses outside on a nice sunny day.  That and an almost completely simple, single focal plane correction pair of glasses.  So, so, so close to the finish line.

20/20 gains.  Kellee is making them.

Second half of her post (couldn’t fit it all in one screenshot, shut up):

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Bam.  Hubby can no longer resist, the 20/20 gains are making him envious.

So simple, once you put all the pieces together.  I’m always a bit curious about other approaches that forego all of the details we discuss here.  How do you get to 20/20 without dealing with diopter ratios and astigmatism, and prescription complexity?  Just wear some magical lenses or do some exercises or eat some eye vitamins?

I wish.  Until your small-brained friend Jake-the-eye-guru finds a method that doesn’t require retracing your steps of the increasing myopia, reversing corrections intelligently, this is what you got.   

Kellee, congrats on the progress!



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