Pro Tip: Notes On Diopter Equalizing

Today the blog is more of a just-for-students topic.

This one is for those of you who already have made real progress with prescription reductions, improving your eyesight, and are now getting into reducing prescription complexity.

I posted this in the forum the other day in response to a patching question, worth a quick read here:


Obviously, this is a pro topic.

If you’re new to all this, don’t go monkeying around with your prescriptions.  Given the option, a holistic myopia control friendly optometrist should always be part of your exploration of this subject.

Lots more on the topic of equalizing, patching, reducing prescription complexity, in BackTo20/20. 

Housekeeping:  Will post more details soon (mostly in the forum) on world tour schedule.  We’ve got February sorted now, which will be Tokyo.  Not the most student-dense of my locations, but I’ve been wanting to go … and it’s a fun place to visit so even if you don’t live in Japan it might tempt you with a quick trip for a meetup!

Update:  New patching / diopter ratio video on our Youtube channel.



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