The question of low myopia and high astigmatism has come up multiple times in the BackTo20/20 support forum, this week.

Low myopia, as in 1-2 diopters.

High astigmatism, as in at least 2 diopters, likely even close to 3.

Which to deal with first, spherical or cylinder, is always a question to answer for yourself before starting down the road of addressing your diopter needs.  One focal plane at a time, as uncle Jake likes to say.

Best case scenario is to just tell me what you’ve got going on in the support forum, and I’ll offer suggestions.  But if you’re just using the blog and being a freeloading freeloader (I kid, I kid!) then you have some figuring of your own to do.


Of course plenty of clues to help you along, courtesy of uncle Jake.  You probably already noticed that there are whole blog categories here for ‘how-tos’ as well as ‘focal planes’, so you can get right to the good bits.

Here’s one of the good bits, in video form:

Or is that, despite video form?

Heads Up: Future “pro topic” videos will only be available in the Le Meow forum.  The forum is free to join, but requires some basic knowledge about endmyopia.  Answer the join questions here.

Fixing your myopia is like building a model air plane.  Get the plan sorted first, all the pieces laid out, before you start actually messing with stuff.

That’s all for this post.  Like the video, subscribe to the channel, stuff and stuff.

Off Topic Background Story:  That’s Jakey’s half finished home gym in the background.  Despite several floors of living space, that’s literally the only remaining spot with a little bit of quiet and not full of people.  And now this won’t even last since neighbors discovered the construction activity, word got out, and now dozens of locals want to ‘join the gym’.  

I tell them it’s not a gym for public use.  Everybody gets hugely offended by this.  What, Jake?  How can this whole floor of commercial gym equipment be just for one person??  They simply don’t believe me.  They want to “join the gym”!!

Pretty entirely frustrating development to Jakey since I’m a total and complete introvert.   Been like a kid at Christmas, building myself my own gym.  All custom built to spec down to color choices (not of the walls, that wasn’t me), in heavy steel and proper powder coating.  And never had a hiding space with weights before.  Was so, so excited.  No people to stare watching the white monkey’s every move, no waiting for machines, no having to listen to cringey local interpretation of rap music.  Just nice workouts, anytime!

Not to be though, darlings.  It’s not worth offending the entire neighborhood (and baby mama who thinks I’m being hugely wasteful and irresponsible by not making every possible thing into a business).  So this won’t be a recording space either.  Future videos, stay tuned where we might find to record.