What’s “ergonomically comfortable close-up distance”, and how do glasses affect it?  Should you wear differential or normalized correction indoors?  How about -1 D (just diagnosed myopia) – do you want to wear glasses, or is it better to avoid them?

This, all covered in today’s video Q&A.

He’s back again.  

Your favorite grizzly faced, freezy wind swept, mountain cave bound eye guru.  This one’s been having some guilt issues, not posting to the endmyopia YouTube channel more frequently.

Not entirely true.  A Jake has been lazily lounging at the beach all along.

The guilt issues though, those are real.  There are no actual excuses, considering what countless people manage to pull off to do YouTube videos.  Yes, there’s only phone Internet in Burma and it’s both slow and expensive.  Yes, it seems that there is literally not one quiet place in the entire city.  Yes, didn’t actually take any real camera gear there.

But right now during the Vietnam kitesurfing intermission, there’s plenty of cheap, fast Internet, almost quiet places, and a mountain of fancy cameras.

So then, let’s do it.  Q&A from the support forum, in video format:

Literally impossible to get one single flattering screenshot frame.

I’d love to make this a regular feature of the proceedings.

Once various visa things are sorted though, it’ll be back to frontier land and finally see the little Jake critter again.  Very, very overdue.  

So unless (or more hopefully – until) I figure out a reliable way to produce this sort of thing in all sorts of environments, video may be an on again, off again sort of phenomenon. It’s quite fun making these videos since it feels so much more personal than only typing words onto a screen.  If you’re going to try far fetched Internet eye guru talk, might as well have the option to look Mr. Crazypants in the face.

This one is also posted in our Facebook group, so you have the option to leave various gratuitous commentary there as well.