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For those among our darling kittehs who don’t like to read (or like video, if we want to go glass-half-full), today we’ve got another new quick video about eye strain management.

Because nothing else will matter or work for 20/20 gains, until you got eye strain sorted.

There’s not really any approach to myopia reversal that makes much sense if it doesn’t address close-up strain first.  That strain caused your initial (pseudo-) myopia in the first place, and if it’s still happening right now then no amount of stimulus activities will be effective.  A locked ciliary muscle is blocking proper focal plane change, so obviously it has to be addressed first.

And here’s how I like to do just that:

Six minutes of Jake-face.

Of course this topic has also been discussed plenty here elsewhere in the blog.  Feel free to throw in a quick search and see all those previously discussed tips.  

There’s good reason that BackTo20/20 as part of the structured approach does only close-up for a whole 30+ sessions (over 1/3 of the entire program).  We don’t even start talking about distance vision, reduced distance vision correction, outdoor habits, any of that, till at least 4-6 weeks into that program and only after close-up is fully covered.

So you may correctly figure that it’s important.  Eye strain, darlings.  Get it sorted first!

That’s all for this heads-up post.  Go forth, make some excellent 20/20 gains.