Jake done did go and post a video on the Tubes, again.

Mostly just a bit of a rant on some more of the general disdain of fancy doctors with fancy BMW leases and fancy mortgages, busy selling you elective surgery (nice way of saying, cutting you open when you don’t need it).  

Here’s the Tubes:

YouTube link

Interesting thoughts, from the video comment section:

Al said it, not me.

Troublingly for them, this particular narrative is on a bit of a growth curve:

Endmyopia site stats.

Keep in mind that impressive audience growth comes with zero advertising, zero promotion, zero PR, zero outreach, zero search engine optimization.  We’re doing nothing besides these blog posts (and a very occasional video).  400% growth in a year.  Similar the year before.  And the year prior to that.  The most interesting part is that you just know that this is all headed towards critical mass.  

I’m doing my best to keep the lid on it.  Decline interview requests.  Write these posts in a non media outlet friendly tone.  Jake, the last of the eye gurus, no credentials, no quote-worthy resume. 

A couple of recent picks from the endmyopia mailbox:

People want answers.

 Guys like Mr. Pham who volunteers his time dealing with tragedy of blindness every day, is intrigued by science and the endless list of vision improvement reports from our readers.

A bit like this one:


We’ll see what happens.  Either way you know they (the myopia farming establishment) really would prefer you to be silent.  Get their hands on that next generation, our kids.  Lots of pairs of little eyes to stick behind glasses.

Let’s not make that any harder for them, than it really needs to be.