Ismail 280 Days Progress: -5.00 Diopters Down To -2.50 Diopters

Heads up:  Some unrestrained adult language in this following e-mail to House Van Jakerstein.

As you read below e-mail, resist the temptation to ask me how Ismail did it.  Because kittehs, I don’t know.  Giant overprescription plus lots of ciliary spasm myopia?  Maybe.  Is he overstating his -5  into a -7 because of the close-up distance?  While that’s actually not entirely inaccurate, it’s also twisting the numbers a bit.  

Anyway, here it is:


What do I say to this?  Not a whole lot.  Jake shrugged.  

Figure maybe really a starting -5.00 diopters, with a healthy bit of overprescription and really a lot of ciliary spasm.  You can go as high as -6 and never have measurable axial elongation, so the explanation of focusing muscle caused myopia is at least plausible.  

The real question is, what will Ismail do when he no longer needs glasses to see clearly?  New sports, new adventures?  Or even more importantly, what will you do?


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Ismail 280 Days Progress: -5.00 Diopters Down To -2.50 Diopters
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