Tim’s -8.50 To -5.75 Progress (With Interchangeable Lenses)

Lenses.   Lots and lots of lenses.

Once you start reversing your myopia, you realize how many lens reductions you’ll need.  You could be some optometrist’s best friend ever, going down by 0.25 diopters, on two sets of glasses, every 3-4 months.  Seriously, that’s a lot of lenses!

And there are lots and lots of tricks and strategies and way to deal with all these lens changes.  Some use contact lenses which are cheaper and easier to deal with.  Others make a deal with their optometrist to cut new lenses at wholesale prices for their exiting frames.  You might work on reducing prescription complexity and be able to re-use old differential as new normalized (pro topic, that).

Here’s Tim’s approach, from the forum:


That’s pro level, Tim’s approach.

It’s a bit like if you were to start going to the gym, working out a lot.  You’ll need bigger and bigger weights to keep up with your growing strength.  With reducing myopia, you’ll need lower and lower artificial focal plane changes to keep getting that beneficial active focus stimulus.

How are you going to deal with all those lower diopter lenses, as your vision keeps improving?  Something to think about!  😉

Improving your own eyesight?  Want to connect with fellow myopes?  Join the #1 natural myopia control discussion group online:

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(for the bigger size of Tim’s lens setup from the forum, check the FB group thread)



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