We’ve Been Sitting On A Goldmine

I really wasn’t going to talk about the Facebook group today.  But wow, kittehs.  How can we not!

Seriously.  Who knew what’s been waiting out there.

Join requests kept pouring in all day yesterday, I finally started putting a bit of a lid on accepting new members as we were barreling towards 400 members in less than 48 hours (how’d you all find the group, so fast anyway?).  Me being a bit of a crybaby I expected mayhem to break out, trolls and a million questions only meriting “it’s in the blog” as an answer.  I know, I should practice more positive thinking.

And also, Jakey was wrong.  Oh so, so wrong.

As of right now (early yet as it might be), the group is a pure goldmine of awesomeness.  Reading through it this morning I am starting to have visions of sitting back, let you all steer the conversation, talk amongst yourselves, a truly surprising amount of members really know what they’re doing.   I could write the occasional blog post, tend to the BackTo20/20 forum and go boat shopping.  Ya’ll got this!

Really.  I was moved.  Surprised.  Slack jawed at various moments.  Finding myself nodding, hitting the ‘like’ button a lot, thinking, hey, nothing I need to add to any of this awesome-sauce. 

What else can I say.  Really impressed by all of you.  

And yes, this whole entire time, this is what we really needed?  Not more blog posts, not YouTube videos, not Quora answers, but simply just a good way for all of you to connect, get together, be able to just talk without me standing on my little soap box?

Some of the posts make me shake my head, like this one:


Seriously, can we say malpractice?!

Here’s the full thread.  I did comment on that one.  Because, glasses on a 3 year old?  Without even so much as an eye exam?  Criminal, some of what goes on out there.  Maybe those people should split a practice with a child psychiatrist, who could throw some child ADHD medication in the mix, while the parents are already there.  Two-for-one child prescription sale.

Here’s another gem:


“I don’t notice much difference with the glasses”.

That of course, is because there really isn’t any.  A quarter diopter, honestly?  Picture some chain store optometrist really trying to hit the monthly lens sales quota, on that one.  Of course now that Felicia knows where to find answers, she’s probably not going to turn into a a future money maker from lens induced myopia.

Speaking of exposing shady optometrist practices, right?  Oh and lots of interesting comments on that one.  The thread is here.

And I should have probably put this one first, Emanuelle is asking an innocent (and I was eyeballing that one with weariness, as far as troll factor) – question:


And that turned into the most epic thread so far.  If you’re only going to read one thread on Facebook ever, about natural myopia reversal, this would probably have to be it.   Yvonne chimes in, Johnny who made some of the fastest 20/20 gains ever on the site, James, Kim, a lot of the readers and students you may have seen me mention the blog before, now commenting first hand, and answering questions (and so much for “you could be faking testimonials, Jake” – a perennial troll favorite).  

There are a lot of other threads over there, worth checking out.  Really, goldmine.

I’ll be slowing down just a little bit on new members (some requests look a tiny bit iffy with zero friends, zero groups, no profile pic, etc).  Other than that for now the only rule is to behave, keep comments productive, and by all means, get the most from other’s insights on the fake-ness that is mainstream optometry “treatment”!  



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We’ve Been Sitting On A Goldmine
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