Haven’t done one of these 20/20 gains updates in quite a while.  

Below is largely just what I grabbed from what’s been posted in our Facebook group today and yesterday.  Yes, this is just a day’s worth of updates.

Plus a few e-mail that I had screenshot-ed.

Let’s have a look!

Kerry, from -7.00 to -5.25:

Trevor, from -3.50 to -1.50:

An from -5.50 to -4.00:

Minty, reduced diopter dependence by 2.25 diopters:

Chris, from -1.50 to -0.50:

Davey, no more glasses:

Yulia, from -6.00 to -4.75:

Of course there are hundreds more, the only way I could get them all up is hiring somebody to keep updating this section of the site.  Humbling of course looking back over the years, how far we’ve come together.  There was a time this was just idle rants and the occasional straggler being wiley enough to experiment on their own.  Now, more updates than I can post!

Love the progress posts and e-mails, please do keep them coming.  They make my day, and I do try to post highlights every once in a while!