20/20 is a good starting goal.  It’s plenty if you just want decent vision without needing corrective lenses.  Decent.  But there’s much, much better, too.  You haven’t really experienced really amazing distance vision, till you get into the single digit 20/x ranges.

And you can get there.

While fixing the BackTo20/20 monthly bonus session, I came across all the notes for the 20/x guide I had used in the past, mainly for serious professional athletes (including a few Olympians).  

Lots of interesting topics there, things that matter to you if you really use your eyesight in competitive or otherwise demanding distance environments.  I cover fascinating areas like dynamic visual acuity and how to notably improve your ability to focus on moving objects.  Another topic is discussing the benefits of mild positive state (think almost hyperopia) to get to those single digit 20/x values – and incredibly sharp distance vision.

And no, this isn’t about to turn into a promo for some new product to buy. 

I actually added the 20/x guide in bonus sessions of BackTo20/20, since it has lots of other benefits.  It’ll help you get 20/20 in poor lighting (improves night vision).  It’ll speed up your improvements when you’re in very low myopia territory (1 diopter and less).  It helps you continue using lenses to maximize stimulus (and gains).  If you’re a member just log in, and find the 20/x guide in the bonus sessions.  

That’s an advanced topic though and bound to lead to all sorts of confusion and questions I don’t want to answer, if it were to fall into the hands of the noobs.  ;)

So the full guide is not going to end up here, in the blog.

As always though, I make it possible for you to find what you need, even if you’re not in Back?To20/20.  It’ll take more digging and putting together the pieces (and it’s entirely irrelevant until you’re down to at least the last diopter of myopia).  Don’t start imagining a shortcut with this one (there are no shortcuts!).  The first goal is 20/20, then you can start thinking about the real big boy topic of 20/x.

Clues to this, in parts of the related thread I posted in our Facebook group:

Awe, look at that radiant smile!

First clue, get to 20/20 before anything else.

Second clue, whatever you learn about dark magic topics like plus lens use for distance, realize that a little goes a long way.  Which doesn’t even really require saying if you’re ready for this topic, since you already know all this from previous diopter reductions.  

There’s more clues in parts of that Facebook thread (or for you darling members, in Day 200 of the BackTo20/20 monthly bonus sessions, in all sorts of very detailed detail).  

Happy hunting.  ;)