70% Better Eyesight? Yea, Probably Not.

You're never going to get a straight answer out of uncle Jake.

Aug 09,2021 · 1 min read

This video, some musing about our recent podcast episode.  In part for those who either a) got their feathers all ruffled because the title is literally just what Dan said or b) got all excited that there is a shortcut after all, that we’ve somehow been withholding.

And otherwise just as a bit of commentary on potential nuance in this approach and various experiences. 

To a great extent I really don’t even want to say anything. Or maybe shouldn’t say anything.

But still, can you just picture the eye rolling of optometry folks who watch these videos? (because you know they do) The irony being that this is really all entirely and exclusively their fault. If they didn’t keep actual science and potential solutions from the public, they wouldn’t be taken and rubbed in their faces as they now are.

Denying myopia cause science is stupid. All it does is help validate a dude who then uses it as a basis to spout crazytalk about using causality to address the actual problem.

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