People sometimes make excuses about reducing their myopia.  Oh Jake they say, whether I got -4 or -2, I still wear glasses either way.  Seems like a lot of hassle you know?  Why am I going to spend a year, two years, for really what’s just glasses anyway?

Darlings.  The difference between four diopters of the fake minus plastic focal planes, and two diopters of the same – is huge.

Four diopters, you’re not finding your glasses, without your glasses.  

It might as well be full on eyeball handicapped (sorry if you’re still at that level, but that’s why you’re here … you can fix all that).  Your favorite eye guru and all of his 20/20 glory used to be at -5 diopters.  Sure you get used to it and you learn to ignore it.  But it’s not cool and once you’re out of that high myopia, you wouldn’t want to go back.

Two diopters is more like an inconvenience than full on, full time suck-fest of the eyeballs.

At -2 diopters you can read fine without glasses.  You’re close to computer use without glasses.  You can find your glasses without your glasses, and you can get around the house just fine without them.

-2 diopters.  A worthy milestone.  Alexandra reports:

Gains it up.

And there you go.  

Make all the 20/20 gains, keep all the 20/20 gains.  Alexandra is another two years away from forgetting about the whole idea of squinting at things, of cleaning lenses, of sticking plastic crap in front of her natural eyesight.

You too.  Get on that.  Make all the 20/20 gains.