The improvement reports, the 20/20 GAIIIINS, they just keep rolling it.

It’s quite interesting, the volume of e-mails.  And also the membership growth of our darling Facebook group (15 to 20 new members added every day – with about 70% of member requests getting approved).  

Like a tiny little fire burning at the edge of the forest, all of this.  

Here’s Ben:

Backing away from the abyss.

There’s something extra menacing about double digit myopia.

You only end up in that territory if you’re either a) genetically more susceptible to hyperopic defocus or b) really, really overdo it with bad close-up habits.  And mostly it’s a combination of a) and b).  

The problem with myopia is it’s insidious nature, when treated with minus lenses.  It’s like slow boiling the frog and his eyeballs.

You just don’t realize that you’re headed for the cliff, just getting a bit more diopter action, year after year.  You don’t know that you’re elongating that eyeball, that the attachment of your retina is barely holding on, that your risk factors for serious and potentially irreversible damage to your vision are increasing several hundred (!!) fold in the process.

By the time you realize, you’re already past the edge of the cliff, sailing towards a world of not-ever-seeing-the-world-clearly-again hurt.

Not cool.

All the more cool then when you get guys like Ben, who quickly and efficiently back away from that whole dark scenario.  A -7.50 is still not a great number, but in perspective it’s a whole, whole lot better than the -9.25 he was at just a few short months ago.  And that -7.50 is as addictive as a positive direction as any major starting success.  I’d be willing to bet just about anything that before long Ben will be at -6.50, and then at -6, and then in the -5 diopter territory.  

And with that, he’ll maybe never even fully realize how close he got to experiencing a life with destroyed eyesight.  

It’s dangerous stuff, using minus lenses to cover up the eye’s minus state problem.  We seem wired not to care till there’s physical discomfort, till we have to address an issue.  Right now it’s a combination of self motivation and luck, finding endmyopia and getting away from the diopter pushers and their deal-with-the-devil myopia bandaid.

Congrats to Ben.