If you’re lucky, you found this fountain of eyeball-wisdoms with low diopters in front of your eyes.

There are plenty of low myopia cases here.

Actually, over the past decade I’ve cataloged many of the improvement reports from fellow darling participants.   Even though they’re just a small percentage of all the updates (see the FB group, our forum, Youtube, and the Interwebs at large for lots more), they hopefully serve as motivation and clues for your own journey.

Notice too that I’ve made some attempt to organize gains by diopters.  You can find those in the menu.

If you’re starting with double digit eyeball focal plane changers, this one is for you:

It’s a start.

I’ve said this many hundreds of times to myopes starting out with double digits:  A fantastic first goal is to see all that be back down to just a single digit value.  Set achievable goals, set goals that will have you celebrate progress in reasonable time intervals.  

A diopter a year.  A quarter diopter every 3-4 months.  Milestones that keep you motivated.  Gains that are measurable, visual quality that improves at every diopter.  One step at a time.

Your eyes are healthy and the biology is designed to respond to stimulus.  That’s how you got into double digit diopters in the first place, with excess hyperopic defocus.  Do the opposite, introduce a little myopic defocus, and observe the eyeball responding (as it’s meant to).  

There are plenty of high myopia stories here on the site.  You’re in good company.

Especially on this extended journey it may make sense to get my BackTo20/20 program to help on your journey.  It includes access to our private member forum, 50+ episodes of our Shortsighted Podcast, 200 of my Pro Topic videos,  Le Rough Guide (11 chapters of handy summary of best practices), and 84 targeted sessions to get you on track with reductions.

And of course, support from me.  While I’m still around, that is.  

Get on track, make seeing properly again part of your long term life goals!