There is a natural flow to endmyopia, and those who discover its trickling wisdoms.

1) The initial, wtf is this guy on about anyway.  Why does he claim to be the last living eye guru, how out of his mind is he to say that the entirety of optometry is lying to us?

2) Wait, what.  All of optometry is lying to us?

3) How is there all of this science explaining myopia causes?  What, glasses make eyes worse and they know?!

4) Diving into the 7 day guide, Website, Facebook group.  Realizing that this has been around for decades, tens of thousands of people have done it, there’s a big community and support and all kinds of stuff.

5) Learning to measure your eyes.  Picking your own diopters.  Realizing optometry doesn’t add any value, you can do all this yourself.  Easy.

6) Making your first reduction.  Realizing on a deep meaningful level that you can change your eyesight.

7) Telling all your friends.  Coming to realize you sound crazy and nobody cares.

8) Thinking you can reduce much faster than what ole Jakey says:  


Yup, it’s one of the steps. 

Followed by realizing that 1/4 diopter every 3-4 months is perfect.  It’s a great amount of time to pass between making new efforts, it’s consistent positive reinforcement, it’s just part of life – not one big upfront project.

And then somewhere in these steps is where you just know you’ll be back to 20/20 at some point.  Followed by all the ups and downs of sorting out life and eyeball details.

It’s super worthwhile.  Why live and die behind glasses, seeing a ‘fake’ world.  See with your own eyes.