Do you notice a trend with the blog?

I just did, recently.  It seems like there are little phases of rants, getting into spats with the mainstream, bad news about myopia progression, industry practices, and crazy laser eye surgeons.  And then there are phases of improvement stories, agreeable optometrists, and fascinating studies that underscore what we do here @endmyopia.

What phase are we in, now?

GOOD NEWS PHASE!  Pretty much anytime we look at the forum, we’re looking at good news (or at least 8/10 times).  Check out these two fun updates:

Hi Jake and all,
Just like to comment on second normalised. A couple of weeks ago I changed to a second normalised… and I´m still seeing 20/20. In the evening light it goes down to 20/30 so I have to work at focus a bit. When I bought them I got a 2 for 1 deal (for 20 pounds) so ordered the next pair ready but unused. Something I noticed is that centimeter jumps from the day I first put on the glasses and hasn´t gone back. My Centimeters have gone from averaging 13/14 to 15/17 to 17/18.
My prescription have gone in the following sequence

original prescription
od -6.25 -1.25 x 20
os -7.50 -0.50 x 165

first normalised
od -5.25 -1.25 x20
os -6.5 -0.50 x165

second normalised
od -5.25 -0.50 x20
os -6.25

third normalised (not used yet)
od -5.50
os -6.00

od -4.00
os -4.75

When would you recomend to unwrap the third normalised? I still have some astigmatism (using diferential and looking at the astigmatism protractor) and the diferential centimeter for the computer is about 50cm, but after active focus I have seen 20/40 with the diferential.
One other point – at the moment we are in northern summer so lots of good light. Slightly worried about the onset of Autumn – any recommendations?

ps my wife is very happy as she says my scary eyes have gone now – they used to visibly bulge outwards, but now look much better.

Tim made some interesting predictive purchases on the his future normalized.  Did you notice?

And here’s Peter, who is just getting started:

So this is my first official post on the forum, after signing up for the program in early May 2016. I’m super swamped with things at work and other activities outside of work, but I just wanted to post my background and progress in the past 2 months.

A little about me, I’m a 25 year old guy who works a typical engineering job in sunny San Diego. I signed up for the program in May 2016 and I want to gain my eyesight back the natural way. I could potentially pay for Lasik to have my problems magically fixed, but I chose not to. I think it’s far more rewarding and beneficial to use my eyes correctly. 

Prior to even signing up for the program I was reading the blog and I already coaxed my optometrist to prescribe me a weaker prescription for “computer work”, which was -3.5D. Based on my current centimeter measurements, the calculator suggests that I should be using a differential prescription of -3.75D. Before this, I was wearing -4.5D contacts everyday (~equivalent to a -5.25D glasses prescription – ouch)

I’ve had glasses since I was 10 years old and both my parents have glasses as well. My dad has a crippling prescription of -10D currently and my mother only needs to wear her glasses at night.

I’ve been taking centimeter measurements for the past 2 months and I’ve noticed progress in pushing my edge of blur distance from 19cm to 26cm! Again, I spend a lot of time on the computer (~6 hours a day), so this hasn’t been easy but I’ve managed to take breaks every 1-2 hours to go outside and look at things in the distance.

Per the program, I’m supposed to have gotten a normalized prescription but my -3.5D glasses give me 20/40 vision at 20ft. Jake, maybe you could offer some advice or chime in on this. I’m thinking that perhaps I can use my current differential prescription as my new normalized and then get a new pair of differential glasses, which would be around -3D, which would challenge my eyes more at my desk.

Anyways, overall I’ve been making progress and it feels good to not wear glasses or contacts. I try to spend 30 uninterrupted min per day looking at things outside without correction, and I go hiking on the weekends which would give me 1-3 hours of uninterrupted uncorrected vision. I can see things further in the distance as time has progressed, which is awesome! It’s almost scary when you blink a couple times and things just magically come into focus. Now I can see certain powerlines and road signs as I practice active focus every couple hours at work.

Will keep updating this as time goes on. Any advice is appreciated!

Full thread here.

Peter got his optometrist to give him appropriate lenses for close-up.  I try to mention this often here in the blog, whenever a student or reader gets what they actually need (and request), from their optometrist.  I want you to get used to (and expect) to be treated like an educated adult by the profession, not like a clueless child.  

Those optometrists are out there, insist on finding one, and support their business.  Vote with your wallet, as they say.

Lastly, before get out of here, a funny one.  I somewhat gave it away already in the post image:


Truth on Quora

Those are @endmyopia’s current stats on Quora (you can check them out here, though they vary month by month).  We’re most viewed in nine (nine!!) categories right now related to eyesight (and ‘medical treatments’, which … yikes, not intentional that one).  The funny one of course is that we’re most viewed in the LASIK questions category.  ;)

Tread lightly, be found by those looking for answers (as one of the unwritten @endmyopia rules go).