It’s not all sunshine and easy gains, all the time.

Check out the BackTo20/20 forum excerpt below. This student had recently been talking about quitting. Frustrated, not making gains, not really responding to guru inputs. Happens once in a while where I feel like I’m unable to get through to a person when I say take it easy, focus on good habits, THE GAINS WILL COME.

This student got lucky, getting independent confirmation that this isn’t just idle platitudes. Understand vision biology first, then trust that proper stimulus will do its job. The gains will come.

Uncorrected driving license.  Win.

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There are only two scenarios when lacking improvement.

One, too much close-up strain (here’s the test).  Two, not enough positive stimulus (outdoor distance focus challenge).   

But if above things are not an issue, if you’re not locking up your ciliary, if you’re going outside and challenging your distance vision regularly, then the gains will come.  That’s how your eyes work, the stimulus response is an integral part of your biology.

Caveat:  Some defect in the system.  Possible though highly unlikely.

For BackTo20/20 members:  You can always click any student’s user name and see all of their threads and posts.  In a case like above you can go back and see the original posts discussing giving up, as well as all my comments.  With the thousands of posts in the forum this offers a lot of opportunity to find cases similar to your own and learn from others experiences.