Welcome back, darlings!

Back to Gainsville where separation of church and state isn’t even a thing.  It’s a state of ongoing guruness, appreciated by the many faithfully fateful visitors looking to bring home some gains – and throw some diopters in the town square’s fountain.

Jake, what are you smaoking, you’re thinking.

Forget Gainsville.  Here is Helmut’s progress report:

Age much like myopia, just a number.

The rest here goes without saying.  Myopia is a negative refractive state, dutifully and with exacting accuracy created by your very own eyes.  You spend all your time looking up close, wearing minus lenses, and your biology recognizes the primary focal plane and addresses refractive state accordingly.  Since Helmut decided to introduce his eyes to a focal plane change, his eyes equally dutifully made the necessary adjustments to a reduced negative state.

Biology and science, getting along nicely.  

Here are a few bonus improvement reports, since the queue of updates as always is too long to possibly ever make individual posts for each.

Samuel in the forum:

Addressing over correction.

Anything in that short of a time frame is over correction + ciliary spasm.  

Nobody will proclaim victory over myopia with these initial gains.  And yet it’s a good experiment to show yourself just how many more diopters you have piled in front of your eyes than you really need.

And one more:

Optometrists can’t deny it.

It’s lots of jobs well done all over the place.  

Drop those diopters, adjust those focal planes, get the right stimulus in place, and continue reminding yourself that myopia in all actual reality is merely a refractive state.

Change that refractive state, make some excellent 20/20 gains.