Michelle: From -10.25 Improved To -7.00

Michelle posts her latest (awesome) status update in the forum. If you’re a high myope feeling trapped by your glasses or contact lenses (or have a friend who is), this is a bit of a […]

Jake Steiner

Dec 06,2015 · 5 min read

Michelle posts her latest (awesome) status update in the forum.

If you’re a high myope feeling trapped by your glasses or contact lenses (or have a friend who is), this is a bit of a quick must-read:

I waited 6 weeks before updating my first normalized prescription to -7 contacts for the new normalized.
From the 4-6 week point with the -7.5 contacts, I started wearing +.5 glasses inside as I could see well inside with no challenge and I continued wearing the -7.5 contacts with no glasses outside and driving. By 6 weeks in a dim room, I could read small print across the room, I could drive at night with no blur, and I could read 20/15 consistently on the snellen in daylight. 20/20 in artificial light. I could even put +.25 glasses on over my contacts outside and see well.
With the new normalized of -7, in the morning initially I could read 20/50 on the snellen (low light) & when the sun gets stronger through the window it improves to 20/40. Sometimes it’s easier to measure progress by comparing it weekly when I am in the same situation. I take my girls to gymnastics 1x/week and while I am waiting during the class I try to see what I can read on the banners across the gym in the low light, I also walk outside and look at the addresses on the buildings. At 4 days with the -7 contacts I noticed sitting at the back of church that I couldn’t make out the front statues or the choir’s or priest’s faces, too blurry. One week later, I could, but not completely clear.
I challenge myself all the time. I look up frequently at work to focus across the room as I walk back and forth getting my patients. Or if I am in a small treatment room, I look at the small letters on the middle of the wall clock or the hand sanitizer wall unit. I am always looking at distant signs trying to focus them. I walk the halls at lunch and look at signs at the end of the halls to see when they come into focus. Every morning when I put in my contacts, I look across the street out the window, to see if I can focus my neighbor’s address on her house.
Now I have been wearing the new normalized for 3 1/2 weeks. I could read to the 20/30 on the snellen this morning in low light, almost 20/20 in sunlight & things are clearing a more quickly. Night is still more blurry, also walking around in large stores or the wall can be blurry in the distance too, but improving. It is definitely harder to get outside with the cold and loss of daylight, but I try on my off days from work.
My cm are right 13.6 and left 13.2. I think this reduction will take longer than 6 weeks to get to the next step, but I am happy to consistently see progress.
Thanks so much Jake for all of you information and work. I am glad you chose to share your information with others. I read the blog every day. I told all of my family and friends.

Important note:  If you want to get started improving your own eyesight, I offer a number of courses, including options for one-on-one support with me personally.  Check out the courses page for what’s currently available to help your eyeballs.

Nov 11, 2015 normalized -7.0 contacts (differential +1.5 glasses)
Oct 1, 2015 normalized -7.5 contacts (Oct 16, 2015 +1.5 glasses differential)
Sept 12, 2015 OD -9.75 +025 sph OS -10.25+.25 sph Contacts OU -8.00

Michelle’s update is at the end of a rather long thread, here.  (accessible if you have forum access)

Getting out of the double digits is a key accomplishment.  Next big goal will be -5.00, where the retinal attachment related risks will be significantly lower than they were before.  Michelle probably never realized how high her risks of serious long term complications were, with that high prescriptions.  At -7, with the curve of progress, she’s looking at far better long term eyesight health.

It’s also a great progress update to look at for inspiration.  Take a look at how she measured her progress, clearly appreciating each degree of improvement, how she adopts better habits, and sticks to a plan.  That’s all it takes!

Notice how often I post student (and blog reader improvement stories).  I try to get most of them here on the blog, though it might get boring if we just did every day improvement stories.  Where else, online or offline, is there a vision health resource with this kind of track record?

Think of me as the guy who makes tools, and you as the artists, things-makers who use the tools to make something amazing.  My method would mean nothing without you putting it to use, and in the process hopefully sharing your experiences.

You can do it.  I know how it is, with procrastination and excuses.  Just dive in, make it a 20 minute, 3x a week learning & discovery project.  You’ll be proud of yourself for having done it!



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