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We’re going to do this one in video format.

Because why?

Because if you’re here trying to figure out why your 20/20 gains aren’t happening, likely means you haven’t really done your homework before coming crying to an old guru about it.

So as punishment you’re going to have to deal with guru face, and guru ramblings.

Tough love, kittehzzz.

But Jack … plzzz, Jack, help me.

It’s 80% plzzz-bros, and 20% darlings who genuinely just missed the exit somewhere.

Your eye is a stimulus response system.  There are no excuses.  No it’s not your genetics, no it’s not because Jake’s amazing blog is too hard to read, and it’s not even because insert-excuse-here.  There are only two things will stop you from making 20/20 gains.

Read, contemplate, retrace your steps, find your way back to the gains.