Ahhh, darlings.

When you’re all old and grizzled and yet a magnanimously magnificently bearded guru of ancient mystical origins, you get to hear a lot of stories.  A lot of similar, repeating stories.  Stories for example, of astigmatism and how mysteriously astigmatism disappears once you stop listening to the optic shop’s ideas of “treatment”.

But let’s be honest.  This sort of magical recovery talk all borders on sacrilege and conspiratorily crinkling of tinfoil hats.

It honestly pains me to have to be the one to say that astigmatism seems to be a whole lot of nothing, most of the time.  I don’t want to end up in the same category as conspiracy theorists (no judgments, if you like conspiracies, it’s all good).  I just don’t want to be in that category since myopia isn’t a conspiracy.  Astigmatism isn’t either.  It’s just biology and clinical science vs. finding ways to profit off your vision biology ignorance.  So you can and should look at myopia in a non conspiratory way, but rather just what peer reviewed clinical science says – and how it often is completely at odds with what you’re being sold on the retail level.

Capitalism in “health” care, what a brilliant idea that is.

So whatever.  On to the point, here’s yet another one of the million astigmatism reversal stories:

Yup, yup.

Veird yaaa, isn’t it.

You don’t tell them you have astigmatism and oh golly gosh, maybe this time around they also don’t find any.  Such strangeness, how could we ever explain it?

(besides astigmatism is usually lens induced and not a medical condition)

I’m not saying that you can just throw away all your cylinders all at once.  Probably you can’t.  But given some patience and some insights and some stimulus, maybe you don’t have to be all weird-eyed and astigmatically challenged.

Just thoughts, kittehs.  Just … thoughts.