Here we go, another progress report.

Rare but also nice, today’s update is from our YouTube comment section.  Yes, that comment section.  Yikes.  To be honest an old barefooted Guru VonTotterface doesn’t spend a lot of time reading YouTube comments but luckily today we did look at the notifications.

And wouldn’t you know it, we got some gains report happening:

Nice ones at that.

Mostly YouTube comments are plzzz-bros asking diopter specific advice or teh steeeepz.

Once in a while, though … nice.

I have a pile more improvement reports to add here, do stay tuned.  Not yet ready because we’re waiting for the other Mac laptop (yes a basically new 2018 model) to be yet again resurrected by Apple repair, so I can get to the folder of saved updates.  Also pretty sure it’s about time to try a PC option, the continually recurring theme of Apple hardware downtime is really getting old.


Go make those 20/20 gains!