Since I finally got all set up with the camera and lighting and sound and things in a completely separate studio, across town, the video output has been increasing lately.

Is that a good thing?

If you had decent content Jake, you say.  And a slightly more humanoid looking head, perhaps.

Topic of the latest musing, the philosophical fact that you’re getting away with nothing (for nothing), when it comes to your body and health.  Think you can slap on a pair of plastic lenses, and your myopia problem just goes away?

Nope.  Wait for it …


The myopia problem is now swept under the proverbial carpet.  It’ll keep getting larger, and you’ll have to keep covering it up with more, thicker carpet (-lenses).  Eventually it’ll spill out, in form of glaucoma, lattice degeneration, retinal detachment, or any number of other issues correlated strongly with an elongated eyeball.

Pay now, or pay later.

Pay now by learning a wee bit of biology, gracefully turned into the simplest possible version by your darling host Jakeytown.  Pay now by making small habit adjustments.  Pay now by taking that prescription pad (slash lens sales maker) away from the optometrist.  Pay now by keeping track of centimeter improvement, keeping close-up strain at bay, getting outside enough.

Or pay later.  Glaucoma, lattice degeneration, retinal detachment, etc etc etc.


Your pay-later options.

Is’ah up to you’ah, as they say.

Here’s the video version.  Give it an enthusiastic thumbs up, and be one of our darling channel subscribers (a most exclusive club, judging by the subscriber numbers):


Notice how my head goes transparent sometimes?

That, clear sign of genuine guru-ness.  Moving between the various hippie-dimensions, right before your very eyes.  Or perhaps somebody doesn’t know how to use green screens, properly but that’s just arguing semantics.

Housekeeping:  Remember, Thursday, headed to Internet-limited places for a week or so.  I’m told many hour bus rides into jungles, and pagodas and temples and things.  Definitely not Internet, so if things are curiously absent here for a day or two at a time, this is why.