Today, let’s look at a few improvement reports, status updates, thoughts and musings.

First up, Joseph:

Sure, “eyes wanted more diopters”.

Caveat emptor, with the lens sellers.

All Joseph needs now to keep making the 20/20 gains is to work on a good outdoor habit.  Walks with active focus, or some hobby involving using distance vision.  Pretty simple from there to keep reducing the plastic lens focal planes.

Next up, a post from Wayne in the BackTo20/20 support forum:

I’m out of jokes.

Differentials becoming useable normalized.  Key experience, this.

When the glasses that were just barely enough to see a computer screen in front of you become the glasses you can see 20/40 (or even better) with, you know you made some serious vision improvement progress.

Incidentally it also saves some money being able to recycle the close-up glasses as new distance glasses.

And before we go, here’s an e-mail I thoroughly enjoyed – from Paul:

7 years no glasses – yikes.

If you’ve tried all that stuff, you know the feeling already.

For one, you have to be quite the persistent one to not give up.  And no matter what you end up becoming discouraged with all that stuff turning out to be entirely unicorn farming and definitely not getting you back to 20/20.

Paul is going to make all the 20/20 gains.  He hasn’t given up through homeopathy and acupuncture and all the other fruity hippie wishful thinking approaches.  So now that he’s arrived at the actual temples of science and proper biology and focal plane stimulus, it’s safe to say that we’ll hear from Paul again before long.

Go make some 20/20 gains.  Get to see the actual real world, not just a plastic lens twisted version of it.