Zoltan: -2.50 To No Glasses | Shortsighted Podcast

Another last diopter conversation.

Jake Steiner

Feb 09,2021 · 1 min read


Vat eeeeis deeeeis?  Another podcast episode, even though we just had one last week?

Jaaa, that’s right.  The consistency, determination, and sheer professionalism of the collective works of endmyopia, astounding as always.

Here’s the video of the episode:

Or of course, audio only:

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And there is also the playlist of all episodes on our Tubes.

Hope you enjoy these, and are keeping up with your own 20/20 gains.




Jake Steiner

Investor, adventure hunter. BJJ, kite surf, wing foil, paraglide. Off-grid living survivor. Also former myope.

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