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You really, really don't need to spend your life behind glasses.

Jake Steiner

Feb 05,2021 · 1 min read

Finally, our episode with James.

James and your favorite old darling eye guru have been talking about having this chat since last year.  And if it weren’t for the many miraculous gifts of the cov*ds, I might have even gotten on a flight over to Singapore, to have a proper in-person podcast episode.

Alas … it’s Web chats as usual.  Still though I really wanted you to hear James’ talk about his journey reversing his rather high diopter myopia:

Of course as usual, audio-only version also available:

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Hope you enjoy these, and are keeping up with your own 20/20 gains.




Jake Steiner

Investor, adventure hunter. BJJ, kite surf, wing foil, paraglide. Off-grid living survivor. Also former myope.

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