A long gains update today. 

This story doesn’t start out with a very happy beginning:

There we go.

Lot of diopters left to go, a long way from home still, as some may say.  Or, a long way from where we started and in a much better place.

I’ve written quite a few things about retinal detachment.  That and very high diopter cases.  These are not among the plenty of scenarios with fixing your eyesight is perhaps more optional, a matter of long term comfort and convenience (no glasses, hey!), and better optical quality.  

Things you may or may not chose to prioritize.  That and contact lenses are pretty awesome for a quick fix.

When you’re here in double digit myopia though, things go from ‘if you want to, sure’, to ‘you really really should do something about this, things will get worse from here otherwise’.  Which you can.  And you’ll quite likely enjoy doing.  Less strain, better diopter choices, things heading in positive directions.

Let’s go make some 20/20 gains!