Today let’s look at an e-mail from Mark, who is getting well and nicely comfortable outside of the mainstream single prescription paradigm.  Great to see people learning about their eyes, about optic, about myopia!

Look at a sane and appropriate use of lenses here, as described by Mark:

I’m writing to you to give you an overview of my progress (as it’s exactly a year since I subscribed) and ask a couple of questions.
I’ve realised, through your teachings that the key to this is common sense and practice.
As you say – our eyes aren’t broken but they won’t get better on their own unless you challenge them in the right way.
I also realised, and it took me a while of doing the course, to understand that commonsense says if you have a lens over your eye that helps you see detail on the moon and then you read something 20cm away with the same lens you are going to get problems.
I realised this when fairly suddenly I noticed I was having real trouble when reading with my glasses/lenses on, I was then at;
(L: -2.50, R: -2.00)
Now I NEVER read with my glasses or lenses on and it feels much better.
The diopter bubble is also interesting as you don’t NEED to see to the moon in detail and by shortening the diopter bubble around you and then practising to extend that bubble you challenge your eyes to start working again.
I’ve been experimenting with different strengths and have found that with;
L: -2.00
R: -1.50 – things seem perfect, with both eyes is at 20/20 very easily on the Snellen – at 20/15 right and 20/20 left.
That’s a 0.50 reduction in both eyes which I think is fantastic.
Q: Is it best to equalise the eyes and if so how do I get there?
L: -1.75
R: -1.75 is almost perfect but if I close right eye I notice that it’s still at Snellen 20/20.
R: -1.50
L: -1.50 is perfectly fine in bright light and at 20/20 but a little under par when darker.
I’ve taken to wearing -1.50 glasses for both eyes in the day which is fine in decent light and L: -2.50 R:-2.00 at night when driving, watching TV etc – is this ok?
I also have developed a penguecula in one eye (I went to the optician) any tips for that, it’s not a problem at all but any tips would be grateful.
What would you advise for my ongoing development?

Of course you don’t want to wear less than you need to see clearly for driving and at night.  That said, in 90% of daylight cases, all Mark probably needs is that -1.50.  He can see 20/20, he’d pass any vision test for getting a driver’s license.

So why did the optometrist give him a 40% higher prescription?

Single prescription paradigm.  Load people up on as much artificial focal plane correction as they can take, and then send them home.  Whenever that is no longer enough, sell them whatever higher correction their eyes can handle, next time.  That’s the formula for “treating” myopia.  Mark got off that crazy ride and is on his way back to 20/20.  

Get away from that unholy nonsense, as fast as you can.  Do as Mark does.  Even if that means being entirely out of bounds and without the approval of your licensed lens-seller.