If you’ve been coming around looking for new blog updates and left wanting, please accept the humblest of all beardly apologies. Lots been going on:

I’ve posted a few new videos on our Youtube channel, spent quite a bit of time in our new private forum, updated our privacy policy, e-mail list, and BackTo20/20 to finalize GDPR compliance, finished updating the site and BackTo20/20 to full SSL encryption, updated the site to handle Google’s new mobile search stuff, and the option for you to get browser notifications for new posts, added a few video sessions to BackTo20/20 and finally finished a whole list of behind the scenes tweaks.

New post notification option (works in Safar & Chrome)

Meanwhile the Facebook group has had quite a few improvement updates which I haven’t yet gotten around to documenting here.

Let’s do one right now!  Aniket, with a solid update:

Bountiful gains.

Diopter ratio removed completely, and down to below five diopters.   

If  you’re still reading and contemplating and wondering and making little excuses, maybe now is the time to get off the fence.  Redo the 7 day e-mail series, follow each piece of advice  there, start reading the diopter and how-to sections of  the blog.  Read and learn, and then go apply.

Everybody’s doing it, come on!